Pay For Your Classes

Here you can make online payments for the cost of tumbling classes you participate in with your team. To make a payment please follow the directions below. 


* Please note that online class payments fulfill one month of tumbling classes.

*There is a paypal online payment fee (2.9% + $0.30) that has been added to your total. 



You have just completed your One-Time Registration Fee. 


To pay for your classes type in the remaining information (First & Last Name, School Name) in the Class Payments box then click the "Pay Now" button.


You will be taken to PayPal's Payment page where you will be guided to pay the $49.70 monthly class payment. Here you can enter your card information. 


Then you have completed the paymet process. 



Thank you for cooperation and interest in Core Athletics and good luck with your season!




One-Time Registration Fee $25

Thank you for your payment!

Class Payments