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The Answers You Need

We are very excited about your interest in our College Development Program (CDP). CDP is a unique and exciting way to connect athletes to collegiate cheerleading programs across the country!


Throughout our experience in this industry, we realize Michigan cheerleading is a different platform for student-athletes to enter collegiate cheerleading teams. For this reason, we have created a networking program that connects aspiring collegiate cheerleaders from Michigan and surrounding states with recruitment opportunities for college programs across the country.


We are very excited to grow this network, provide memorable experiences, and expand college opportunities for athletes across the state. Thank you for your interest in Core Athletics and our College Development Program. We look forward to networking with you!

What is the College Development Program (CDP)?


$30 per month per athlete


$350 per year per athlete


Our College Development Program provides exclusive training opportunities that go beyond athletes’ standard high school experience and prepares them for collegiate-style training. As a member of CDP, you will attend training sessions that are structured after college team practices to keep up your skills and get repetition and fatigue training. Experiencing these types of training sessions will help make athletes more valuable to college coaches and prepare athletes for a smoother transition to college cheer teams.


As a member of CDP, you will have access to recruitment information and videos given to us by college coaches. You will get opportunities to showcase your skills and be seen by college coaches.


To receive more information and updates about this program, please fill out the interest form above!

Membership - Athletes & Parents


• Free to all high school coaches!


As a high school coach, you play a crucial role in making CDP a success. As someone in your position, we ask you to refer athletes to CDP who have shown interest of cheering in college. You can do so by directing your athletes to our College Development Program page and fill out an interest form. There, athletes will be able to submit their stats and contact information. All the information we collect will be held in our CDP library. From our CDP Library, the information provided can be shared with college coaches across the country.


Throughout a coach’s involvement with Core Athletics and our College Development Program, we will announce CDP trainings, showcase events, and other perks to all of our enrollees for the best scouting opportunities for your athletes.

Membership - High School Coaches


• Free to all college coaches!



The College Development Program highlights the connection between college-bound student-athletes and college cheer programs. CDP provides exclusive training opportunities that go beyond the athlete’s standard high school experience and prepares them for collegiate-style training. CDP also provides unique experiences for athletes to showcase their skills as some of the top athletes in the state.



CDP is also designed to help you recruit athletes for your college program. In order for us to better assist you in your recruitment process please contact us to get you connected to our network.

Membership - College Coaches