a whole cheer camp experience. online.

Everything you love about camp, brought to your living room.  

Let's get loud, it's Game Day! In this class, you will learn how to engage the crowd with our collegiate style cheers and learn exciting new band chants you can take home to your team! Get ready for the Game Day atmosphere sure to get the crowd on its feet!

Bust a move in this class! Learn our camp-favorite Cheerformance dance that can be used for your group's homecoming/pep-rally style routine! Pick up some new moves learning our hip hop routine perfect for time-outs and year-round group events! 

sideline class

dance class

Classes will begin at 10:00am EST each day. Participants will attend 3 classes a day. Each class is 45 minutes. Classes are scheduled to be completed by no later than 1:15pm EST each day. After you or your team registers, you will be emailed a secure link in the morning before the start of the each camp day.  

how it works 

stunt class

rise class

We are very excited to teach stunts in an all-new, fun, and interactive way. All of our stunting classes are broken down by position, which makes each class great for all levels of stunting. Each class will be guided through stunting techniques and drills to make you a stronger stunter. 

Dive into the perfect blend of athlete and leadership training in our all-new Core Athletics RISE Program. Learn what it means to Recognize, Ignite, Shape and Emerge as a leader. RISE will provide you the framework to be a better athlete and a better teammate. 

team building

Our Team Building Classes are exclusive to groups/teams who register for Vcamp. Our Team Building class will challenge and strengthen teams through engaging activities and discussions. Our new RISE program has given campers the framework to lead, now our Team Building classes will put it to the test. 


boot camp

Let's get ready to tumble! We've brought you all the best tumbling training in a fully-guided, skill-specific, upbeat class that's engaging for all levels of tumbling. This class must be added to your camp registration or just buy a pass to this class separately. This class is something you don't want to miss. 




what's included...

A unique link to all VCamp classes 

Learn sideline cheers, band chants, and fun dances with live feedback from our instructors

Learn proper stunting technique, stunting grips, and stunting drills to prepare for competitive season

Find out what it means to LEAD as a cheerLEADER with access to all our RISE classes 

Optional Add-On Class - Tumbling Boot Camp




20 athlete min 

what's included...

A unique link to all VCamp classes 

Additional team building class specifically for your team or group

Learn sideline cheers, band chants, and fun dances with live feedback from our instructors 

Learn proper stunting technique, stunting grips, and stunting drills with live feedback from our instructors  

Find out what it means to LEAD as a cheerLEADER with access to all our RISE classes

Optional Add-On Class - Tumbling Boot Camp

sample camp schedule



VCAMP Opening & Game Day Class


Stunt Class


RISE Class #3


ADD-ON: Tumbling Boot Camp 


Can I register as an individual for Virtual Camp?

Yes! You can register VCamp as an individual or a team! If you're registering as an individual, be sure to click on the Register Myself button above (or click here) and look for "Registering As: Individual" at the top of the page. When you register as an individual you will get access to all of our VCamp classes and RISE classes. At the time of registration, you’ll have the option to add on our Tumbling Boot Camp class, too! Don’t worry, if you choose not to add on this optional class now, you can purchase access to our Tumbling Boot Camp later separately.

Can I pay for just one class?

At this time, we are not offering options to pay-per-class or pay for single classes on their own. The only class you can pay for on its own is our Tumbling Boot Camp Class. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a full VCamp registration.


Our tumbling boot camp class is our only class you can pay for on its own. This class was specially designed to make you sweat! We’ve created a new class format that addresses all levels of tumbling in a fun, engaging and upbeat environment. You can register for the Tumbling Boot Camp Class on its own here.

Can I register my team for Virtual Camp?

Yes! Groups or teams can register for VCamp! We ask that each group identifies a “Team Representative” or “Team Rep.” (i.e. coach, leader, etc.) to act on behalf of the group/team. The team rep. is responsible for providing the link to all members of their group and manage group attendance throughout the week. Groups with 20+ athletes can purchase a group pass for VCamp. If your group has less the 20 athletes, please contact our office. If you are a coach or your group's Team Rep, you will automatically get access to all of your team's VCamp classes.

I'm a coach/team representitive - do I get acsess to classes?

As a coach (or team rep.) who registered as a team, yes! You get acsess to classes. As a coach who has athletes participating as individuals, we reccomend the coach purchasing an individual pass to camp. You may contact our office for assistance with this.

Why Choose a Virtual Camp Experience?

At Core Athletics, we are always pushing the boundaries of transformational learning & training opportunities for cheerleaders of all levels. Our traditional (in-person) summer camps are a great way for teams to learn and grow together while having fun. However, we know this summer is different. We're bringing all of our traditional summer camp fun straight to your living room! By participating in our Virtual Camp you will learn material that will prepare you for your team’s next tryout and get you ready for the upcoming seasons! We have complied our camp experience into a class-based format to make our virtual camp super easy to follow while keeping streaming time minimal. By the end of camp, you will feel stronger and more confident in yourself and your cheerleading abilities.

How does our virtual platform work?

This year we are teaming up with ZOOM to bring you Core Athletics Virtual Camp. Participants will be able to join each class from their desktop, laptop, or mobile device using links unique to each user. Each class is live, meaning athletes will be able to receive feedback from our experienced staff in real-time. Our staff has been specially trained to facilitate through virtual spaces and we have adapted many of our coaching techniques to make each class an engaging, fun, and upbeat experience. Make sure to have the latest version of ZOOM downloaded on your device You can download the latest version here.

What's an add-on class (Tumbling Boot Camp)

When you register, you will have the option to add-on our Tumbling Boot Camp class. This is our only add-on option at this time. Our Tumbling Boot Camp class was specially designed to make you sweat! We’ve created a new class format that addresses all levels of tumbling in a fun, engaging, and upbeat environment. This session will guide you through high-energy, skill-specific tumbling drills, and conditioning exercises to prepare your body for tumbling. Just follow the exercises identified for the skills you are working on. This class is one you won’t want to miss.