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What is Core Athletics?


Core Athletics is an on-site elite level tumbling, stunting, and performance company that specializes in the sport of cheerleading. 


We offer Tumbling Classes, Stunting Classes, Team Tumbling Classes, Team Stunting Classes, Team Summer Camps, Tumbling and Stunting Clinics, Choreography Assistance, Round Perfecting, Skill Building, Conditioning, and elite level Co-Ed and All Girl Stunting classes. 


"Making the step beyond ordinary."


The Core Philosophy

Core Athletics philosophy is to create an environment that promotes a positive coach and athlete experience while setting a foundation that drives your team to its fullest potential.

Our coaching staff is consistently educated on proactive coaching principles including positive recognition, positive reinforcement, professionalism, respect, consistency, leadership, and personal development.

Whether you’re attending a summer camp, clinic, or team training, Core Athletics will strive to bring you the best and most current techniques and styles in skill development, individual development and program development all while focusing on a positive and respectful approach that facilitates a positive environment. 

Our Staff

Core Athletics staff is trained to provide elite level training to every athlete. CA staff members are hand-selected individuals who are knowledgeable, experienced and trained to uphold safe and constructive elite level training and Core Athletics Philosophy.
We have two sets of staff; our Tumbling Staff and our Summer Camp Staff. Our Tumbling staff is made up of full-year employees who work directly with high school and middle school teams on tumbling and conditioning skills. Our Summer Camp staff works our Camps and Clinics throughout the Summer Season. 
Interested in becoming a part of our staff? Check out our Staff Page to learn what it's like to be a CA staff member or send us an email at coreathleticsinfo@gmail.com

What We Do

Tumbling Classes

Throughout the year, our tumbling staff/crews instruct tumbling classes for high school and middle school teams across the state. All of our tumbling classes run on a specific class format that is created to promote a safe and positive environment that educates each athlete on new techniques and sets a foundation that allows each athlete to build new skills. 


Core Athletics Summer camps are a great way for teams to learn, grow and bond as a team. All of our camps provide an amazing high-energy and positive environment that keeps the athletes involved and having fun. Our camps provide teams a chance to work on stunting techniques and learn new stunts and stunt sequences. We strive to provide the latest and new material that is tough in an upbeat and professional way. Our Summer Camps are held throughout the Summer Season, usually throughout the end of July to early August.
All of our camps are taught by hand-selected Summer Camp Staff who are knowledgeable and experienced in the sport of cheerleading who are able to promote a high-energy and positive summer camp environment. 
We are pleased to offer our first residential summer camp during the summer of 2018 at Central Michigan University. Core Athletics also provides host-school summer camps as well as private camps for high school and middle school programs.  


Core Athletics is pleased to hold clinics for both athletes and coaches across the state. Our athlete clinics are a great way to train and educate students on specific skills or techniques and are taught by our highly trained staff. 
Our coaches clinics have allowed us to create a new foundation that enables coaches to network and learn new and trending coach techniques while educating coaches on safety and foundational skill building. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons enable athletes a chance to work one-on-one with our staff to work further on building new skills or improving techniques.
If you are interested in scheduling a private with one of our staff, privates are scheduled through our email. Email coreathleticsinfo@gmail.com and request a time, staff member, and what you wish to work on. Schedule a private lesson now>

Why Core?

Core Athletics is an on-site cheer and tumbling company that provides Michigan’s leading professional cheerleading coaching staff. We stand on the forefront of technique, performance and coaching methodology. 
As a company, Core Athletics operates with 100+ years of sideline and competitive cheerleading and coaching experience. Our ownership and coaching staff includes world champions, national champions, MHSAA state champions as well as former and current collegiate level athletes. This allows Core Athletics to blend world-class sideline technical skills and competitive knowledge with a specialized focus on Michigan Competitive Cheer. 
We have worked with over 75 high school and middle school teams and have provided training to a near 4,500 student-athletes across the state.