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Hand-selected, friendly individuals who are knowledgeable, experienced and trained to uphold the CA philosophy with safe, constructive elite-level training.

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Tumbling Staff

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Camp Instructor

Summer Staff

Head Instructors provide expert level training techniques and are in charge of directing tumbling classes. The Head Instructor (or H.I.) serves as coaches first resource for coaching support and contact for tumbling classes. The H.I. has usually worked for Core Athletics for two years or more and are highly trained and experienced in providing the best of the Core Athletics Philosophy. H.I’s work directly with both coaches and athletes throughout any given tumbling class. This person is required to travel to each class. 

Tumbling Instructors work in small groups or “crews” that travel to different schools for tumbling classes. Tumbling Instructors are experienced in elite level training and have been trained to facilitate the best of the Core Athletics Philosophy. Instructors must have reliable means of transportation to commute to each tumbling class. Tumbling Instructors work directly with athletes during any given tumbling class and are expected to assist athletes in gaining new skills and provide constructive feedback to help athletes grow and gain new skills.

Summer Camp Directors are the brains and leaders of all summer camp events. Camp Directors create summer camp material and are responsible for ensuring the camps follow the format(s) created. Camp Directors assist in training the Camp Instructors and provide support to both Camp Instructors and coaches throughout each camp. 

Summer Camp Instructors are the face of all Core Athletics Summer Camps. Summer Camp Instructors work directly with teams and athletes throughout summer camps to provide the best elite level training in a positive and fun environment. Summer Camp Instructors are hired to work just our Summer Camps throughout the summer season and have usually cheer for colligate level programs from around the country. All Summer Camp Instructors are trained to provide the best of the Core Athletics Philosophy and CA Summer Camp Material for each camp. 





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