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Hand-selected, friendly individuals who are knowledgeable, experienced and trained to uphold the CA philosophy with safe, constructive elite-level training.



The Regional Representative embodies the mission of Core Athletics. Our Regional Reps. plays a crucial role in ensuring our weekly class operation run smoothly. Regional Reps. serve as the main contact for teams and staff in a specific area. Our Regional reps. work alongside both administrative staff and instructional staff to ensure the best of Core Athletics is provided to coaches and athletes.


Head Instructors provide expert-level training techniques and are in charge of directing weekly classes. The Head Instructor (or H.I.) work directly with both coaches and athletes throughout any given weekly class. The H.I. has usually worked for Core Athletics for two years or more. 


Class Instructors work in small groups or “crews” that travel to different schools for weekly classes. Class Instructors bring a wealth of experience to each class and have been trained to facilitate the best of the Core Athletics Philosophy. Class Instructors work directly with athletes during any weekly class and give exceptional coaching to every athlete.



Summer Camp Directors are the brains and leaders of all summer camp events. Camp Directors create summer camp material and are responsible for ensuring the camps follow the format(s) created. Camp Directors assist in training the Camp Instructors and provide support to both Camp Instructors and coaches throughout each camp. 


Summer Camp Instructors are the heart and soul of all Core Athletics Summer Camps. Summer Camp Instructors work hands-on with athletes to provide the best elite level training in a positive and fun environment. Summer Camp Instructors are hired to work just our Summer Camps throughout the summer season and usually have experience at a colligate level from programs around the country. All Summer Camp Instructors are required to attend multiple spring training to learn camp material and provide the best camp instruction.


Summer Camp Advisors take our residential camp experience to the next level. Our advisors are experts in facilitation and bring the camp experience off the mat. Each Advisor works hands-on with athletes and coaches through team-building exercises. Each team is paired with an advisor to guide teams through the camp experience.  Summer Camp Advisors are hired to work our residential camps throughout the summer season. All advisors are required to pass extensive training before our residential camps. ​

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Our Company Structure




Our company is structured into two unique departments in order to deliver the best services to our athletes and coaches no matter what the season is.

Tumbling Department

Creating impactful, engaging class experiences. Learn about all of our weekly class options to see what best fits your team.

Camps Department

High energy, memorable experiences to bring your team to the next level. Overnight and private camp options available.


Select the department you would like to view openings for below:

The Summer 2022 Camp Instructor position is an exciting way to inspire and train young cheerleader-athletes through camps and clinics. We are now accepting Camp Instructor applications.

Summer Camp Logistics & Event Coordinator 

This role takes place behind the scenes of our residential/overnight camps and is a crucial role to ensure our summer camps run smoothly. View the full job description to learn more.

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2 Jobs Available

You're an expert in spotting tumbling skills. A year-round position, working on-site at middle and high school locations. We are most interested in candidates who can spot fulls.

Drills Specialist 

Giving our classes a competitive edge, this position requires skill and knowledge in Michigan Competitive Cheerleading. View the full job description now.

2 Jobs Available