We strive to create an environment that promotes a positive coach and athlete experience while setting a foundation that drives your team to its fullest potential.

Team/Program Services

Team Tumbling

$12 Per Athlete

90 Minute Class

Must have a minimum of 20 athletes.

Team Stunting

$10 Per Athlete

60 Minute Class

Offered in both all-girl and co-ed


Team Stunting and Tumbling

$18 Per Athlete

$20 Per Athlete

90 min class

(45 min of tumbling & 45 mins of stunting)

120 min class

(60 mins of tumbling & 60 mins of stunting)


Round perfecting and cleaning.

Request a coach of your choice.

1 Hour -  $150

2 Hours -  $400

Team Summer Camps

Team Summer Camps are designed for your team to build skills and prepare for the sideline and competitive seasons. Team Summer Camps are held throughout the summer season. If you are interested in hosting a Team Summer Camp at your school, please contact Core Athletics at coreathleticsinfo@gmail.com. Pricing for Team Summer Camps will be listed on our summer camps page.  


Residential Summer Camps:  

Core Athletics will be offering residential Summer Camps during the summer. Core Athletics Residential Summer Camps are a great way for your team to learn, bond and develop as a team and prepare for the sideline and competitive season. Pricing for Residential Summer Camps will be released with dates and location of the camp(s). 


Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


All Three Rounds


Save $50 with this option!

Request a coach of your choice.

Stunt Clinics

1 Hour  - $25 per athlete  | Learn 1-2 Stunts

2 Hours - $50 per athlete  | Learn 2-3 Stunts

3 Hours - $65 per athlete  | Learn 3-4 Stunts

4 Hours - $80 per athlete  | Learn 4-5 Stunts


Email us with your preferred dates and length of clinic.