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Core Athletics Announces New Summer 2024 Cheerleading Camp Theme: "Strengthen The Pack" for Cheer Camps in Michigan

Nothing Brings The Pack Together Like Going To Camp

LANSING, MI, Jan. 31, 2024 - Today, Core Athletics, Michigan's leading cheer camp authority is thrilled to announce the launch of a powerful new theme for summer 2024, "Strengthen the Pack", through a vibrant statewide announcement. This powerful theme is set to be the backbone of Core Athletics' Summer 2024 Cheer Camps and Clinics, encapsulating Core Athletics’ commitment to building stronger, more unified cheerleading teams.

As Michigan's premier cheerleading camp provider, Core Athletics is setting the stage for a summer where athletes and coaches will unite under the guidance of seasoned instructors, forging a foundation of trust, camaraderie, and excellence.

"In the world of cheer, unity is as pivotal as skill," said Marinda Ballman, Director of Camps and Clinics at Core Athletics. "Our camps are renowned for challenging athletes and elevating teams, and this year, 'Strengthen the Pack' captures our mission to cultivate a sense of togetherness that transcends the sport. It's about creating an environment where teams not only learn and perfect their skills and routines but also forge bonds that resonate far beyond the summer."

Core Athletics provides team-based Summer Cheerleading Camps and Clinics in Michigan, including: Traditional Overnight Camps, Private Camps, Stunt Clinics, and Buddy Camps.

Summer 2024 Camp Theme Announcement Video:

Behind The Theme:

Guided by the notion that the essence of cheerleading—a sport that thrives on synchronization of spirit and skill, where the energy of one amplifies the strength of all.

"Strengthen the Pack" symbolizes the collective journey of cheerleaders toward unity and excellence. It reflects the sport's intrinsic values of support, trust, and combined effort. This theme emphasizes team unity, collective strength, and the excitement of achieving together while aligning with Core Athletics’ values of empowerment, Innovation, leadership, and community.

Camp Curriculum Tailored for Individual and Team Success:

Our 2024 curriculum is meticulously designed to emphasize the power of a supportive community that energizes and empowers young athletes to achieve their athletic dreams. Coaches and athletes from across Michigan will experience Core Athletics cheerleading camps and clinics like no other, where an unstoppable pack of talent, spirit, and unity is forged to make teams endlessly powerful.

From overnight camps that provide material fit for any season to team-building exercises that develop unbreakable bonds, every aspect of the camp and clinic curriculum is newly crafted to strengthen your pack.

Building Leaders on Teams and Throughout Communities:

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Michigan, known for its rich sports culture and spirited communities, Core Athletics is thrilled to provide cheerleading camps and clinics throughout the state of Michigan; offering an opportunity for teams to connect, share experiences, and grow together. Camp is special place where lifelong friendships are forged and the spirit of cheerleading is celebrated in every skill achieved, routine practiced, and stunt performed.

Join Core Athletics Cheer Camps In Michigan This Summer:

Join Core Athletics this summer as we invite cheerleading teams to be a part of a transformative journey. Whether you’re looking to refine your skills, build a stronger team, or simply be a part of a supportive cheerleading community, Core Athletics' Summer 2024 Camp is where we’ll celebrate the power of unity and the spirit of cheerleading, together!

Find your perfect summer 2024 cheerleading camp or clinic here.


About Core Athletics

At Core Athletics, we're more than just a cheerleading resource; we're a passionate team with a mission: to inspire, educate, and develop athletes through spirited and memorable experiences.

For the past decade, Core Athletics has consistently developed in alignment with the needs of its athletes and teams, always seeking opportunities to lead and provide the best experiences and training environments. 

Core Athletics provides a diverse range of services to train and develop athletes and coaches across the state of Michigan including: Traditional Overnight Camps, Stunt Clinics, Private Camps, Buddy Camps, Weekly On-Site Tumbling Classes, Off-Season Classes, Personal Training Lessons and more.

Stay connected with us:

Twitter: @CORE_Cheer

LinkedIn: @Core_Athletics


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